“Molly has a gift for presenting the processes developed by Roberto Assagioli in such a way that the learner experiences heightened awareness and personal growth.” [more…]

Training and mentoring programs:

I.   Distance/online courses and mentoring in psychosynthesis for individual study

II.  Workshops and trainings in the Work That Reconnects.

III.  In-service programs for counseling/social work and social activist organizations.


I offer two year-long distance training courses to meet the needs of people who live in areas with no nearby psychosynthesis center, and/or others who prefer to work at their own pace and schedule.

I also offer mentoring for people who have studied psychosynthesis and want support in using its principles and methods in their work.

Personal & Spiritual Psychosynthesis and Guiding Skills each consist of twelve study assignments, including readings and exercises for self-exploration, and the student’s written responses and reflections submitted for extensive feedback by e-mail. Each lesson takes about a month to complete.

I. Personal & Spiritual Psychosynthesis
Personal & Spiritual Psychosynthesis covers the essential concepts, principles, and methods of psychosynthesis. Whether the student chooses a purely personal emphasis or a professional emphasis, the work focuses primarily on the student’s own self-discovery and growth.

Brown, M. Y. Growing Whole: Self-Realization For the Great Turning
with Audio/Journal [A/J] Growing Whole: Exploring The Wilderness Within

Ferrucci, P. What We May Be.

Firman, J. & Gila, A.   Psychosynthesis- A Psychology of the Spirit (For professional training–optional for people taking the training primarily for their own growth).

Also recommended for professionals:

Brown, Unfolding Self: The Practice of Psychosynthesis.
Assagioli, R. Psychosynthesis

Lesson Topics:
Each lesson represents approximately one month’s work – some more, some less

  1. Self-awareness, the first step.
  2. Beginning where we are now
  3. Strengthening our center
  4. What’s possible?
  5. Setting our sights
  6. Working with blocks in our path
  7. Transforming the demons within
  8. Living will fully
  9. Choosing to change
  10. Spiritual Awakening
  11. Relationships – Growing whole together
  12. Service – The practice of wholeness

Read the assigned chapters, do all the exercises in BROWN and any more from FERRUCCI that attract you. By email, send in your responses to the exercises (excerpts from your journal) and your comments and questions from the readings.

I respond in depth via email, with suggestions, questions for further consideration, my own reflections, etc. After you receive my comments, we schedule a one-hour phone conversation.

II. Guiding Skills
Guiding Skills explores principles and methods of psychosynthesis in counseling, psychotherapy, life coaching, and spiritual direction. People taking this course will need to set up a practicum situation in their locales, either as established professionals or supervised interns. Students may participate in optional residential workshops once or twice a year for experiential and collaborative learning, including demonstration and practice sessions within the group setting.


Brown, M. Unfolding Self: The Practice of Psychosynthesis
Firman & Gila (1), Psychosynthesis: A Psychology of the Spirit
Firman & Gila (2), A Psychotherapy of Love
Assagioli, R. Psychosynthesis: A Collection of Basic Writings

Lesson topics:

  1. History and Overview
  2. Review of basic theory
  3. Stages of psychosynthesis
  4. Awakening “I,” Subpersonalities, & Presence
  5. Multiplicity and Personal Identity
  6. Methods of guiding
  7. Maps of the individual session
  8. Developing the Will
  9. Spiritual awakening
  10. Developmental models and life-long psychosynthesis.
  11. Case Studies
  12. Integrative paper or project

Read the assigned chapters and send in your responses to the readings and other assignments by email.  I respond in depth via email, with suggestions, questions for further consideration, my own reflections, etc. After you receive my comments, we schedule a one-hour phone conversation.

A certificate will be awarded at the completion of each year’s training. Academic credit may also be available, in conjunction with various colleges and universities.

The total cost for each of these courses is $2000.  Registration and the first lesson are $170.   To continue with the course, students pay the balance of $1830.  The fee covers:

  • Twelve lessons, with written comments on student work.
  • One hour telephone consultations following each lesson.

Fees are non-refundable except in hardship situations. A few partial scholarships are available.

Mentoring in psychosynthesis, ecopsychology, and/or the Work That Reconnects.

Available in individual sessions as needed.  Please contact me to let me know of your interest and needs, and we will design a program together.


Please contact me and tell me as much as possible about yourself, your background, and why you are interested in the training program. Let me know of any questions or concerns you have. To set up an appointment for a free 30 minute phone consultation, please use the contact form to send me an e-mail, and let me know when you would be available in the next few weeks.


Retreats/workshops in the Work That Reconnects
facilitated by Constance Washburn and Molly Brown.

The Conscious Elders Network sponsors many of our retreats, entitled “Awakening the Courageous Heart of the Elder Activist”.  Please check my Calendar or the Conscious Elders website for upcoming events.

Workshops via Zoom in the Work That Reconnects and/or Psychosynthesis

Thanks to the new conferencing programs, I can now lead workshops remotely.  Gather a group together in a suitable meeting place with a computer projector and I can Zoom in to lead a workshop with interactive exercises and short lecture/discussions.  Contact me for more details.

Facilitator Development Program
in the Work That Reconnects

with Molly Brown, Mutima Imani, and Constance Washburn

An eight-month course for those who wish to become facilitators or enhance their skills as facilitators in the Work That Reconnects. This course is offered as one of the several pathways available for deepening theoretical understanding and facilitation skills in the Work.  The 2017 course is a pilot project on the West Coast; we hope other experienced facilitators will make similar programs available elsewhere.


March 1: Deposit ($500) due to reserve lodging and a place in the cohort. (All but $50 refundable until March 1)

April: Program begins with reading and study assignments and monthly study group meetings online.

July 18-30: 12 day Intensive held at River’s Bend Retreat Center in Mendocino.

Post-Intensive through November: Monthly study/action groups continue online; participants offer workshops and classes in their communities with support from study groups and trainers.

For more details, click here.

Contact Molly Brown with concerns and questions here.



One or two day introductory trainings in the basic concepts and methods of psychosynthesis and/or the Work That Reconnects, designed to meet the needs of your counseling/social work staff.  On-site at your location (with me physically present or remotely via Zoom), or as a retreat in Mt. Shasta. CE’s may be arranged through your organization.  Fees negotiable.

For more information and to plan a training for your organization, please contact me.