Essays by Molly Brown (and friends…)

Reverence for the Land, Published in the Mt Shasta Herald, a weekly newspaper in Mt Shasta California

Four Essays on Kimmerer’s Braiding Sweetgrass, Published in the Mt Shasta Herald

Carrying Water– Published in the Mt Shasta Herald, a weekly newspaper, May 13, 2015.

Freak Show:Corporate Capitalism from a Systems Perspective by Jim Brown, March 2008. Reflections on our economic system from Molly’s life partner Jim.

Gratitude and Grief for Our World– Published in the Mt Shasta Herald, a weekly newspaper in Mt Shasta, California, January 20, 2010.

Psychosynthesis and the Great TurningKeynote Address for the HumaNova Nordic Psychosynthesis Forum, Stockholm, Sept. 2009.

Blessings of Darkness, Blessings of Light Sermon, Mt Shasta and Dunsmuir Methodist Church, January 27, 2008

Coming Back to Life Theme Talk for Southeastern Unitarian Universalist Summer Institute 2006

Waking Up in the 21st CenturyThis essay focused on bottled water, 2005.

Psychosynthesis: A Systems Psychology?Paper presented in a workshop at the AAP Conference, April 2003.

Psychosynthesis in the Global AgeA keynote address presented at the AAP Conference, April 2002.

EcopsychosynthesisLead article in the 1999 edition of Conversations in Psychosynthesis, the journal of the Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis (AAP).

Waking Up in the Ecological AgeOriginally written in 1995 as a chapter for a book never published; recently updated.
Designing Our Lives in Troubled Times A sermon presented at the UU Fellowship in Durango, CO, Mother’s Day, 2003.

Patterns, Flows, and InterrelationshipBasic summary of systems thinking principles, 2002.