Professional background

Assagioli-Molly-237x300Following my initial training in psychosynthesis, I had the privilege of studying with the founder of this spiritual psychology, Dr. Roberto Assagioli, in 1973 (the year before he died). His teaching deepened my understanding of the principles and practice while he encouraged me to share psychosynthesis with others. I have done so through training programs, workshops in North America and Europe, individual guiding sessions, writing The Unfolding Self: Psychosynthesis and Counseling, 1983 (revised edition Unfolding Self: The Practice of Psychosynthesis from Helios Press, September 2004), and Growing Whole: Self-realization on an Endangered Planet, 1993, (revised edition, Growing Whole: Self-realization for the Great Turning, 2009), and serving on the Advisory Board and the Professional Development Committee for the Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis.

When systems thinking and deep ecology attracted my interest, I had the good fortune to study and work with Joanna Macy, Ph.D., eventually co-authoring a book with her, Coming Back to Life: Practices to Reconnect Our Lives, Our World (1998), and the 2014 revised edition: Coming Back to Life: The Updated Guide to the Work That Reconnects. 

Along the way, I earned a master’s degree in humanistic and transpersonal psychology (1979) and a Masters of Divinity (1993) from Starr King School at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA.  I have also edited and published two “spiritual” books:  Held in Love: Life Stories To Inspire Us Through Times of Change (Psychosynthesis Press, 2009) with Carolyn Treadway, and Lighting a Candle: Collected Reflections on the Spiritual Life (Psychosynthesis Press, 2010).

On a personal note

Jim Brown and I married over 50 years ago; we have two grown sons, both married to wonderful women, and two beloved grandchildren. Through the years we have lived in Northern New Mexico, the greater Bay Area, and southwestern Colorado, finding different sources of nourishment in each locale. In 2004, Jim and I moved to Mt. Shasta, California to live in the lap of this powerful Being, and to be closer to our sons and their families. My own personal and spiritual development has centered in nature, psychosynthesis,  the Work That Reconnects, and spiritual teachings from many traditions, including Christianity, Buddhism, Sufism, and indigenous and pagan traditions.


from clients and students

“Counseling by phone with Molly Brown has afforded me many benefits. First, in my remote location if it were not for Molly’s faithful presence on the line, there would be no counseling for me at all.  Secondly, I find that working with just Molly’s voice inspires me to delve deeper into my issues and to take more initiative for my own emotional growth. A kind, generous and insightful companion like Molly is valuable whatever way one can communicate with her, live or on the phone. She’s a treasure!” ~ Caroline Rackley, Tapestry artist & drama teacher


I have been guided by Molly in a very loving and respectful way in my process of receiving my life with gratitude and joy. And I have felt so much presence even if we talk over the phone and I am in Sweden.” ~ Anna Holm, Counselor, trainer, & business woman


“Molly Brown brings to every session a pointed compassion, and an authentic attention and presence.  Those qualities combined with her knowledge and experience of psychosynthetic method and transpersonal psychology create a container in which positive change can occur spontaneously and naturally and in directions one might not have originally anticipated but are delightful in their result.” ~ John Moody, Life Coach


“Molly has a gift for presenting the processes developed by Roberto Assagioli in such a way that the learner experiences heightened awareness and personal growth.  Molly’s books, Unfolding Self and Growing Whole, are constant companions and resources for me. Through them I am embracing my life with greater consciousness and enlightenment. Molly’s deep love for mankind and strong affection for this earth have given me renewed hope and excitement for humanity. I highly recommend Molly to anyone interested in Psychosynthesis, as she is a woman of integrity, strength and conviction. Molly not only honours the work of Roberto Assagioli, she also integrates the work of her colleagues, which to me, speaks highly of her commitment to personal growth and human evolution.” ~ Lily R. Whiteside, Mediator & conflict resolution coach


“Psychosynthesis is a gentle process that helped me recover from PTSD several years before PTSD was named and defined. It not only gave me control of my own healing, but also has provided me with skills that I still use to improve my quality of life. Molly is a wonderful teacher and guide.”~ RA Crockett, MBA/MHR, LPC/LADC